NCNZ Accredited Competence Assessment Programme™

Rannerdale Veterans’ Care is a New Zealand Nursing Council accredited Competency Assessment Programme (CAP) provider for internationally registered nurses (IQNs) seeking New Zealand nursing registration. 

For CAP registration enquiries and applications please email .

Nurses wishing to complete the competency assessment programme must meet New Zealand Nursing Council criteria and be approved by Nursing Council to do so. Nurses interested in undertaking a competency assessment programme are required to follow the process set out by the Nursing Council, and prior to inquiring should first visit the New Zealand Nursing Council website for candidate information.

If you have met the Nursing Council criteria and wish to undertake a competency course at Rannerdale, further information in relation to; the application process, eligibility for placement and course associated costs are contained within the Rannerdale CAP Information Book.

If your application is successful, international candidates (and candidates traveling from other parts of New Zealand) qualify to board in our onsite accommodation while completing the course. Further information in relation to this can be found within the CAP Student Accommodation

Agents: You do not require an agent in order to apply at Rannerdale. The process is easy to follow and having an agent will not gain you any advantage for receiving an offer of placement. We in fact, prefer to liaise directly with applicants. 

CAP Intake Dates 

Please submit your applications for screening as soon as possible to be considered for one of the intakes below:


The programme runs for six weeks (2 weeks theory, 4 weeks clinical) and the fees are $10,500 for international and domestic students.

To apply, please email the following documentation to

1)  Rannerdale Application Form

2)  Competency Assessment Programme acceptance letter from the Nursing Council of New Zealand 

3)  IELTs or OET results (clubbed results are not currently being accepted)

4)  A copy of your passport (if already residing / working in NZ a copy of your visa is also required)

5)  Your Curriculum Vitae, outlining relevant nursing qualifications and experience (N.B. Rannerdale only accepts applications from internationally qualified nurses who hold  a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. We do not place nurses holding hospital certificates or diplomas) Four years clinical experience required

6)  Letters of employment (containing employment commencement and finish dates), stating the responsibilities of the position held

International Criminal History Record results will be required after your placement is confirmed.