Rannerdale Home Care

Rannerdale Home Care provides support to people in Christchurch wishing to stay in their own home but require some assistance to do so.

Rannerdale Home CareWe are specifically tailored to meet the needs of Veterans, ex service personnel, the wider community, ACC clients and their families.

We consider it a privilege to serve this group.  However we are not restricted to providing services to Veterans only.

Our fundamental values of commitment, excellence, professionalism, dignity and respect guide us in everything that we do.

Services offered include:

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How can veterans and community members access Rannerdale’s Home Care Services?

Veterans living in their own home, who are currently receiving a government war disability pension and have been allocated a Case Manager from Veterans’ Affairs NZ, may be eligible for VANZ funded home-based support. The application for this is made by the General Manager at Rannerdale. We will make an application for funding to VANZ on behalf of the veteran and will complete an assessment in the veteran’s home as part of the application process.

Services for veterans not on a government war disability pension will be charged privately. A list of current fees can be obtained from the General Manager.

General members of the community can access funding through their own means (DHB Carer Funding for example) or choose to pay privately for the services provided.

Access NZ Clients can be referred to us and funding is provided from ACC services. See www.access.org.nz   

For more information on Veterans’ Affairs case management, visit the Veterans’ Affairs NZ website at www.veteransaffairs.mil.nz