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A care home for the aged and a serene memorial that preserves the heritage and sacrifice of the veterans
Exploring Our History
The Rannerdale Village was established in the year 1921 as a place of patronage for the war survivors. It provided healthcare and other facilities. Over the years, it became a care home for old veterans and commoners, standing as a memory of the rich legacy of Rannerdale.
A Tribute to Our Community
Rannerdale Village is a tribute to the community of veterans who fought for the country in the war. As a token of gratitude and as a way to give something back to society, Rannerdale Village fosters and provides service for the aged and needy.
Memories That Matter
Preserving a Proud History
Rannerdale Village strives to preserve and protect the rich cultural heritage of its locality, staying true to its roots and legacy. Rannerdale village will always be a reminder of patriotism and the sacrifice of our forefathers.

Rannerdale Veteran Village

Celebrating Our Heritage
Veterans and Families Supported
Years of Rich Heritage
Cherished Memories Preserved

Voices of Rannerdale

The Rannerdale Veteran Village will always be a fond memory for me as it preserves the honor of the war veterans and their contributions.
Aimee Dunn
The place is quiet, calm, and lush green. It is a perfect choice for the elderly to spend their years here when they grow old. I would want a place like this for myself, too.
Ryan Mann

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Disclaimer: The aged-care facility is discontinued due to unforeseen circumstances. With no inhabitants, the Rannerdale Veteran Village is now closed down.